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What makes us different is the team of people we have assembled here and we are proud to introduce them to you.



Not just a Bulldog owner, Amy is at the hub of all creative goings-on and oversees the company’s business development and strategic planning. She is Bulldog’s creative mastermind. Her passion and hard work is inspiring not only to the kids, but the entire Bulldog team. She can often be found with a power tool in hand, building some epic Survivor puzzles to enhance her lifelong passion of running Leadership camps for youth. She’s well versed in the art of communication, in tune with business and while Brent often threatens to take away her Visa card, she still manages to keep Bulldog looking great and on budget. Amy joined the Bulldog team in 2011 and she’s been managing the Bulldog shenanigans ever since. A lifelong sports fanatic means you’ll usually catch Amy sneaking into her office to catch the score of the game while simultaneously manning the Bulldog phone, paying bills and settling a dispute over a fidget spinner. We’re not sure how she finds time to do it all, but the sleeping bag stashed under her desk may be a clue. #whatwouldwedowithoutAmy



Having the dubious honor of being the most frequently called upon Bulldog staffer, Brent (or “BRENT!” as he’s known around here) oversees the operation and maintenance of Bulldog's general facility operations. Invariably calm, cool and collected, Brent seems to effortlessly head off a potential crisis, though we sometimes wonder about the large collection of stress toys around his desk. He’s got quite the set of skills in his arsenal. His patience is legendary. He can drive a bus of screaming kids with laser focus. You’ve probably seen Brent around town, driving our Bulldog Bus! Give him a big wave, he loves that! He’s also a veritable encyclopedia of Disney songs. Now, he associated this to having 4 children, but we’ve caught him tossing his Disney Hits CD in the back of his car real quick whenever he gives us a ride somewhere. You’ve heard nothing until you’ve heard his rendition of “A Whole New World”. Simon Cowell would be proud. Brent would do pretty much anything for Bulldog, though he denies ever having dressed up as a princess #morethanonce to complete our staff Halloween costumes.  


Program Coordinator

Kara, a 2011 addition to our Bulldog team, serves as our problem-solving, go-getting, policy-writing Bulldog Ambassador! She heads our innovative kids’ programs and the kids appreciate her funny and outgoing demeanor, and the fact that she always goes above and beyond to make sure they have fun. Fellow Bulldog staff also appreciate Kara’s quirky positive attitude and agree it makes up for her all-out obsession with Harry Potter. A recent Bachelor of Education graduate, we convinced Kara to make Bulldog her future by changing her unofficial title to “Headmaster Kara” and letting her turn Bulldog into Hogwarts for one week every summer. We drew the line at the pet owl. As if she isn’t busy enough, Kara spends most of her free time competitively horseback riding her 20 year old horse, Owen. We’re convinced if she didn’t spend all of her salary on boarding and caring for Owen, that she’d be retired in a mansion in Beverly Hills by now. We’re keeping this on the down-low for now, no need to let her know. ;)


Recreational Programs Manager

While most of us at Bulldog think being a Habs fan is embarrassing, Jake rocks his Montreal Canadiens sweater proudly. We do admire his loyalty. Though we make fun of him for his choice in hockey teams, we appreciate his outgoing personality and problem solving skills. He has a natural ability to solve any issue he is confronted with.  Conflict resolution? Jake is on it.  I guess it makes sense that he’s a pro at solving problems, seeing as he is currently enrolled in police foundations. Jake joined our Bulldog team to run the most epic sports programs as well as ensuring our weekend birthday parties run without a hitch. He’s pretty awesome, we know you’ll agree. 


Bulldog Group Leader

Always perky. Always smiling. That’s Sam. Even after putting in extra hours several days in a row, she’s still on top of her game. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that there are seven Starbucks locations on her way into the office. Joining Bulldog in 2016, Sam brings with her a Bachelor’s Degree from Liberty University, which comes in handy with the daily “I can’t find my shoes” meltdowns. If you’ve worked with Samantha, you’ve no doubt unwittingly benefited from her secret belief that there’s not a problem in the universe that a good sit down and talk won’t solve. On weekends when she isn’t rockin’ birthday parties at Bulldog, she can usually be found outside stand up paddle boarding with her husband and her dog, Chance.


Bulldog Group Leader

Looking for a travel buddy? Meet Hayley, she’s the perfect candidate. She LOVES to travel, and is ready to hop on a plane at any minute. I guess that explains the luggage in her car! We are pretty happy she chose to spend her time not travelling with us. Hayley is a Registered Early Childhood Educator, and works in our preschool and toddler programs.  Her endless bank of knowledge about everything tiny human comes in handy.  The kids love when Hayley brings in a box full of new toys for them to play with. She has an EPIC paw patrol book collection, which is loved by everyone (even the staff). We are so thankful to have Hayley in our program.


Bulldog Group Leader

Noah is a handy guy to have around. Not only is he wonderful with the kids, but he is a qualified paramedic AND firefighter. He loves helping people and we appreciate him for it. When he isn’t working, he loves adventure. He can often be found scuba diving! One time, he found a sunken ship in the ocean. Talk about COOL! The kids love him for his ability to bring the energy level up in a room. On gloomy days where the kids are tired, we send in Noah to get the kids laughing and ready to move and groove. 


Bulldog Group Leader

Tahlia joined Bulldog in 2015 to help us take our summer camps to a whole new level. Her fluency in Star Wars, Disney and Pixar lingo and ability to make sense of a myriad of kid melt down scenarios enables Bulldog to provide clients with a top-notch camp experience! Tahlia is known to show up on any given day dressed up as a character from a Disney Movie or Darth Vader just to amp up a game she has planned. Cool right!? As a Group Leader, Tahlia is responsible for implementing a variety of lessons, fitness skills and fun into her daily group activities but it’s her built-in encyclopedia of on the spot “wing it” games that really impress us.

Tahl holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Phys. Ed with a minor in Psychology, which she says comes in handy working with us. We’re not sure what she means by that comment.

Cael (like the vegetable)

Bulldog Group Leader

Adventure should be Cael’s middle name.  When she is not running around playing every sport imaginable with our campers, she can be found checking out epic waterfalls, rollerblading and kayaking with her four-legged best friend, Sam. But we don’t blame her, her dog is pretty cool. Cael loves school just as much as she loves adventures and physical activity. She recently graduated from Nipissing University, and is attending the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Fun Fact, she can name every bone in the human body.


Bulldog Group Leader

Camp Counsellor by day, Jedi Master by night. Greg’s passion for Sci-Fi makes him the perfect leader for our Star Wars week of camp. Nothing gets the kids excited like his Ewok impressions. When he is not battling the dark side, he enjoys helping save the environment. Greg is currently enrolled in the Environmental Technology program at Georgian College.


Bulldog Group Leader

Who do you think Quinn’s idol is? If you guessed Bill Nye the Science Guy, you nailed it. She is a smarty pants, and has a passion for math and science. Her hard work and brain power has paid off, because she is currently an honours student at her High School. Future plans for Quinn? She wants to attend a medical science program at Harvard.  #GoQuinn. When she is not working hard on her academics, she is loves to throw down on the court, and shoots some hoops.  Who knows,  maybe one day she will be playing on the WBA!


Bulldog Group Leader

Danielle is Bulldog's preschool program all star. Her positive , creative and kind manner is loved all tiny humans and their parents. She can often be found reading books, playing with puppets and “eating” pounds of fake kitchen food all for the benefit of the children she works with. The fun doesn’t stop when she leaves work. Danielle loves the outdoors and is often found camping, acting or hiking with her husband and two year old son ! As much as she loves being outdoors, she hates nothing more than black flies so her Costco size bug spray comes in handy.


Bulldog Group Leader










Positive and always happy is how we would describe Jayme. Her dedication to the kids is above and beyond, which makes every activity she runs uber exciting. Jayme is currently attending Lakehead University in Orillia for Teachers' College and will continue her education for a masters degree next fall.  Jayme is always moving. She loves sports, hiking and going to the gym. Her highly active lifestyle helps her keep up with the fast paced environment at Bulldog. 


Bulldog Group Leader

Lyam’s phobia of sailing explains why all his hobbies occur on land. Skateboarding is his thing. He is basically the next Tony Hawk, no bid deal. When he’s not spending his time at the skate park, he can be found studying for his degree in Sports Administration at Georgian. His passion for sports is GREATLY appreciated by all the kids at Bulldog. He runs some of the best hockey and soccer games we have ever seen. 


Bulldog Group Leader

If you ask the kids at Bulldog what they love about Tori, they will tell you it’s her enthusiasm and fun quirky personality. Tori never fails to bring the energy level up in the room. We think its because she wants to be a kid forever, but really who doesn’t? She is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph, and is applying for Teachers' College this spring. FUN FACT: If it was up to Tori, it would be Christmas all year long. You should see her Christmas sock collection, its out of this world.

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