Play is a child's work! That's how we see childcare!

Play is how children come to understand the world by using all their senses. Learning as they mix batter, dig holes, explore a new texture, climb stairs, listen to music, crawl in tight spaces, and pour their own milk is key to our child's development. They are learning about how their bodies work as they push and pull, jump and stretch, stir and swirl, roll and stand very still. The world is their playground, in which to engage their whole bodies in exploration and discovery!

What do we do?

We are in constant competition with ourselves. Every year we push our team to create, plan and better all of our programming. By challenging ourselves, we ensure that our programs keep your child's interest, while meeting the developmental milestones for their age.

Our program developers have created fun, weekly themes that will peak your child's curiousity and make them want to come back each day. Not only do we learn about new things each week, but we have monthly learning goals for your child that will help develop their social, language and mathematic skills.

What We Offer

Our goal is to revolutionize child care in Barrie.

A Full Gym

Our new facility has a full gymnasium to play
with parachutes, balls and toys.


We have a huge fenced-in outdoor
space where mudpies, picnics and nature
exploration are encouraged.

Themed Rooms

Our themed rooms are designed
to encourage imagination and

Healthy Lunches & Snacks

We offer healthy lunches and snacks to
fuel your child for their day's adventures.

Rhythm Workshops

We host rhythm workshops with our on-site
music teacher to get the kids movin' & groovin'.


Our qualified staff are made up of young,
dynamic individuals that are excited to 
enforce and expand on our vision for childcare.



Toddlers 18-30 months

Full Time - Registration Now Open


Preschool 31-44 months

Full Time - Registration Now Open

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