Before & After School

You’ll never be bored when you try something new. There’s really no limit to what you can do! Dr. Seuss

Our 25,000 sq. ft.
facility has:

  • A full gymnasium for running, sports and exercise;
  • A large game room to play Just Dance with our friends, a rock wall, a play structure and a fun inquiry corner.
  • A HUGE outdoor space to let out some energy, get our hands dirty and enjoy some fresh air!
  • Fun & vibrant classrooms designed to engage your child in play and invite imagination and cooperative socializations. 

Ministry Licensed Program (Kinder & School Age Program)

Ratios 1:13 (Kinder) / 1:15 (School Age) (1 ECE or DA)

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, Bulldog has made changes to its after school program to maximize safety measures for the kids in our care. Before and Afterschool Groups are now divided by bus run and have the same educator for both before and aftercare.

For more information, call us at (705) 722-5439, or send an email to [email protected]

Here is what to expect in our classrooms this year:

The Pirate Room

The Pirate Room

Yarrr!! Our pirate room hosts all the kids from W.C Little

In our room our motto is “Work like a captain, Play like a Pirate!” We strive to build strong relationships, create fun memories and always believing in doing our best.

We love to pretend we are pirates lost at see on our large Pirate ship. We focus on social skills, resourcefulness, creativity, empathy, assertiveness, confidence, positivity and always remembering to be kind and generous.

The Pirate Room is full of creativity and imagination. Here you can be anything from a vessel leading captain to a mermaid or a princess lost at sea. You can even imagine a funny new way to play! Kids can enjoy a Lego & Building area, an art centre with a variety of materials, a large carpet area to engage in social and group games, a science corner we even have a big screen TV for those fun movie days or to show our friends some cool stuff we’ve found.

The Builders' Room

Our Builders’ Room is home to all the kids from Trillium Woods & St

Here, we are passionate about all things creative, exciting and outside the box. You can often find us making cool contraptions and structures out of various play materials, recyclable objects and things we find around our room or outside.

There is no limit to creativity and imagination because the only limits are the ones you make for yourself. We strive for a hands-on, collaborative learning approach that gets everyone involved, engaged and trying new things. In our room, we are big believers in always giving something new a try, even if it’s a bit hard or you’ve never done it before because you never know what kind of awesome things you can achieve unless you give it your best shot.

We aim to always try our hardest, and are sure to support and cheer on our friends or give them a covid friendly elbow-five when they do something amazing! Thinking outside the box is a big focus between these walls and we encourage every individual to think (and create) very big!

If you peek into our room you could see a cool Lego Creation station for our intense Lego Competitions, an area where we designed big huge towers, a PlusPlus and robot/invention table and some cool science experiments!

The Builders Room

The Blue Room

The Blue Room

Our Blue Room is the homeroom for all of our kids from Holly Meadows & Ardagh Bluffs

The Blue Group is a place where we can explore our creativity, learn new skills and develop friendships. We believe art, crafts and play are so much better when we share our time together.

Exploring our surroundings, indoors and outdoors, can bring up an explosion of creativity that can translate into different ways of expression: maybe through a beautiful painting or a super cool LEGO building. We believe our room can be a safe place that promotes equality, individuality and learning. We strive to let each child discover themselves and the world around them.

We focus on showing them the amazing little person they get to be each day: fun, talented and unique! In our Blue Group we enjoy reading and creating our own stories. We learn that anything can become a masterpiece or an adventure. Nature can become an expedition to the jungle and building blocks are just the foundation for the tallest fortress or the most amazing spaceship in the Universe.

Our Blue Group is a place where we can share smiles, kindness and celebrate each of our milestones!

The Teal Room

Our Teal room hosts all kids from Ferndale Woods

In our room, we believe in following our RICHR values (Responsibility, Inclusiveness, Caring, Honesty, and Respect). These values allow for the children to be in an environment that supports the social and emotional well-being of themselves and their peers.

We strive for the children to engage in play that interests them, but also new types of play so they can experience new ideas and find other exciting interests! These goals can help support the skill development of independence, communication, and cognition.

Some things the kids love to do is engage in dramatic play, challenge their thinking skills with educational riddles, making awesome creations out of LEGO and plus plus, and play sports like soccer and basketball! We aim to participate in new activities that encourage creativity, resiliency, curiosity, optimism, and leadership.

The Teal Room